Browsing a Docker container filesystem

For a while, there’s been an itch when dealing with docker containers of any kind that the default tooling hasn’t been able to scratch yet. There are an assortment of half-baked tools for dealing with various docker functions, many of which get incorporated into base Docker functionality, but none that adequately deal with the task of browsing the file system of a container.

Setting up Weaveworks Flux on Amazon ECS

Setting-up a devops continuous delivery pipeline is a feat of epic proportions, and with any luck (I’m writing this as I’m doing it), I’ll be able to walk through the steps required to get that pipeline set up with a set of products provided by Weaveworks, namely Weave Flux.

Exhausting Initiative

As mentioned in a recent twitter post I made while it was fresh in my mind, I devised a neat take on combat initiative that might not be a terrible idea.

Running Linux GUI apps on Windows

I just managed to get a Linux GUI app running on my windows desktop without the need for a virtual machine. This must seem old-hat to Linux pros, but damn it opens up a world of possibilities.

Expanding RancherOS storage when full

I ran into some trouble with my rancheros vms and the disk space they had allocated to them. This is how I solved that problem.

The Trinity of Torment

I’ve been thinking a lot about three cheery Greek myths for a while, as working with Docker has certainly made me empathise with their plights in different ways.

Building a Reactive CMS

I’ve had an idea rolling around in my head for a while, of a fully reactive JIT-compiled CMS written in Angular, and running on something that isn’t PHP. Every now and then I have an ephiphany which shapes this idea further.

Escalation Mechanics in the Twilight Hell

Something I’ve been attempting to fine-tune for ages now is a good dice mechanic for my Twilight Hell rpg setting. Striking the desired balance of narrative vs. mechanical is the primary difficulty, but I’ve had a few thoughts on that recently.

fun main()

Re-imagining the Binder

I’ve been playing a Binder in one of my DnD5 games as one side of my gestalt character (the other is Barbarian). One of the problems I’ve identified is the same as all the content that came out of 3.5’s Tome of Magic: structural design flaws.

Installing RancherOS on Bare Metal

Getting RancherOS installed on bare metal is a pain if you don’t know all the steps. I had to figure these out from the various bits of documentation scattered-around the place. Docker + corporate proxy = a pain in the ass.

Fixing Docker Swarm state on Windows

So, after smashing my head against the desk for a good few hours, I finally figured-out how to clear a ‘pending’ docker swarm state, and get things back-on-track.

Updating Git on Centos 6/7

So, I had to update git on a couple of Centos machines last week, and I ran into what appears to be a very common problem: Centos only has old versions of stuff in its repos. Subsequently, I had to figure out how to get the latest, and preferably from a yum repo, rather than installing it manually. Cue repo connection issues.

Warlock Woes

Having played the 5e Warlock a couple of times, and heard a lot of talk about how underpowered it is, I’m giving a go at some potential fixes.

Building an RPG on WaRP

I’ve been working on my own RPG for a while, and after at just a decade, think that WaRP is a good base. I think about role-playing systems a lot, reading through everything I can get my hands on and critiquing each asked for how well it fulfills it’s purpose in making the game fun.

Understandable Frustration

With any luck, venting about this here will lead me to the correct answer via the highly effective process of Rubber Duck Debugging.

New Beginning

No idea how long this will last, but at least it’s up and running. I’ve made a resolution to actually maintain a personal site so I can blog about the sort of crap I do development-wise. I’ve tried using blogging platforms, but I’d much rather handle my blogging via version control.